Facebook security flaw

by 11 May 2011

If you are like me, you have a Facebook account. When I initially set up the account, I played around with a few applications that I thought might be of interest/use. I soon discovered the myriad of ways that those particular applications would work their way into my personal information, and share it out to the world. I didn’t like that too much, so I disabled the applications, and have not gone back to any third party applications over which I have no control. I also believe (hope) that I have adjusted my privacy settings to a level I am comfortable with, that maintains sharing my information only with people to whom I choose to do so.

Today, I hear that even though I got rid of the applications, and adjusted my privacy settings, personal information could still be accessible. Here is the link to the full story:


You don’t need to understand the technical details around the flaw. (It has apparently been fixed.) However, you do need to take one simple step: change your Facebook account password. Logon to your Facebook page (and I hope you are using the secure https://www.facebook.com logon page), choose ‘Account’ from the top right, then ‘Account Settings’ from the menu selection. Finally, click on the ‘change’ link beside the Password option on the Settings tab, and follow the instructions.  That one simple step revokes all the information that was formerly used to access your personal data.

Go ahead, do it now. I won’t wait for you – I’m off to change my password right now…:-)


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