First Entry

by 4 Feb 2011

This will be the first time I have put my thoughts out on the ‘interweb’. Please be kind in your replies… 🙂

My first entry comes at a time when we have reached the end of the internet. Yes, you heard me – all IPv4 (e.g. addresses have been allocated. There are no more, which surely means the end of the internet has been reached, no? Not quite. You will be hearing a lot about IPv6, a replacement computer numbering scheme that will allow many more devices to access the internet.

There will be a transition period (of years) when both protocols will have to coexist with each other. That means IT Pro’s will be learning about how to make the two protocols work together, and manufacturers will be upgrading their electronic devices to recognize and work with the new scheme.

What do regular folks do? Nothing at this point. Your existing equipment will continue to work just fine. And when it comes time to change it, you will likely be purchasing an item with the new protocol already enabled. Everything will happen for you (hopefully) behind the scenes. It will be the computer professionals who will be getting more grey hair (or less hair as the case may be) as they learn the fine points of implementing the new numbering scheme so it can be as transparent as possible for you.


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