Follow-up on my Windows Phone7

by 3 Jan 2012

I really like it!

It is the best smartphone I have had to date. It just works. (To refresh your memory, it’s an HTC HD7) If you have not had a chance to look at any of these devices, you can check out the Microsoft Windows Phone site.

There were no crazy hoops to go through, or additions needed to have it work with my Exchange server email. Other email accounts were added just as easily. I can also customize what I want to see on my home screen, and those applications show live updates. I find with other devices, the sheer volume of tiny icons I have to scan before finding what I want to use is a pain. (And I have to start the program to see if there is anything new for me to work on.)

I like the Office applications on the phone that, combined with my Windows Live ID, allow me to have documents available from my Skydrive account. (25Gb of free cloud storage that can be as private or as public as you want. Pretty nice!) I recently used that capability to share documentation for a project. It saved me sending out multiple emails with large file attachments. I just updated the documents as needed on the Skydrive, and the edits were instantly available to the correct people. The fact that I had access to the files from my phone meant that I did not necessarily have to carry my laptop around all the time. For quick edits, or just reference to files others may be updating, this capability is very useful.

The virtual keyboard is OK to use – no better or worse than others I have tried. I thought I would not like it at all because I was used to the slide out keyboards on other phones. However I find it just as easy to use as a physical keyboard. I usually only make short email messages, and hardly text at all, so my opinion on the keyboard is limited to that use. One nice feature I have just started to explore is the ability to not use the keyboard at all. You can talk to the phone, and have it carry out all sorts of commands for you! Handy if you have to use it in a hands free environment.

I am a little disappointed in the battery life. It gets through the day if I use it for phone calls and messaging. But turn on Bluetooth for hands free phone calling, or the wireless networking, and I am soon looking for an electrical outlet, or usb port on a computer to recharge it. Media use – playing music, or watching video – also uses a lot of battery power.

Here is an interesting video from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Microsoft challenged users of other types of phones to see who could complete some common tasks in the least amount of time. Win, and Microsoft would give them $100. Lose, and publicly admit your inferior status! Smile

Windows Phone did not win all the time…


That’s all for now. If you have any questions, please email me at msuthern at mscsinfo dot com. Or, add your comments below.



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