More virus stuff to check

by 3 May 2012

Photo by Jeff Hardi on Unsplash

I read an interesting article today in one of the newsletters I get. Woody Leonhard writes about a computer virus that redirects your web browsing to less than desirable web sites. The activity has been cut off, but infections remain because the virus hides so well on computer systems. You can read all the gory details here:

What you need to do is outlined at the bottom of the article. i.e. just click on the correct country at the bottom of the DNSChanger Working Group Detect site. If you get green bars, you are not affected. If you get red bars, follow the instructions to clean your computer.

And while we are talking virus infections, are you running Microsoft Security Essentials? If not,why not? I presume your answer would be because you are running another commercial anti-virus product. To that, I would ask why are you paying for AV, when Microsoft offer a free, unobtrusive alternative for all users of home computers? Even businesses with up to 10 computers can use the product at no charge. I guess you just like paying for things! Open-mouthed smile

With all the bad guys out there trying to wreak havoc on our lives, or just cause us grief with our computer use, it makes sense to take everything you see online with a pound of salt. A pinch won’t do any more. Take advantage of the free software Microsoft provides. Ensure your home network, router, wireless signal, etc. are secure. Adopt a healthy degree of scepticism when online, or looking at email messages. And get in touch with me if your head is spinning over this. I’d be happy to help – for a small fee of course… In love


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