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by 8 Feb 2011

I received a newsletter today which made me aware of the new Microsoft Safety & Security Center. I used to direct people to the web site for just the free Microsoft Security Essentials  program. Now, this is a web site where you can find out about all kinds of computer related security issues, as well as a place to download tools you can use to help protect yourself while online.

If you are using your computer(s) for personal use, or have a small business with up to 10 computers, you can take advantage of the antivirus offering provided by Microsoft at no charge – Microsoft Security Essentials (now at version 2.0.657.0). Here is the link: Microsoft Safety & Security Center. If you meet the requirements, there really is no reason to invest any money in a paid antivirus product from any of the vendors of this type of program. That is not to say or imply they are bad. Just that the Microsoft product has received favourable reviews from the press, and is at least as good as any paid offering. (Did I mention there is no charge for the program… :-)) I have been using it on my computers since it was released, and have been totally happy with it. It is unobtrusive (except when it finds a potential threat) and uses very little system resources. When it does find some suspicious activity, a warning will display in the system area of my monitor, with an indication of an appropriate action to take. Once completed, it also informs me of the status of the disinfection and then goes away, patiently waiting to catch some other attempt to corrupt my computer.

Go to the site. Read more about the product.  Read about how to better protect yourself when using internet sites. Bookmark the site so you can keep up-to-date with securing your computer environment. Happy surfing!


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