Windows 8 Consumer Preview

by 2 Mar 2012

I installed the subject operating system yesterday, as a virtual machine in my Hyper-V server. Did not have time to play with it too much, as it was bedtime for my old bones!

I am now looking at it, and have installed the Windows Live Essentials applications to try out here. This post is being composed in the Windows Live Writer program, which is linked to my WordPress blog.

So far, I have been using the ‘computer’ with my Windows Live ID as the logon user. You can also setup local accounts, but I wanted to see what this ‘cloud’ integration was all about. Seems to work flawlessly from that standpoint. I have easy access to internet based storage and programs that I already access. However, I have to sign in to them separately from my real Windows 7 based computers on which I use a domain (i.e. local server) account. I like the direct integration using a Live account in Windows 8.. The next step will be to join this virtual computer to my SBS network to see how it works in that business-like environment.

I should have a more complete post after I play with this more. Still getting used to just finding my way around how the new Metro interface works. It’s a good thing I did a bit of reading beforehand, so I knew where the ‘hidden’ menu options were located. New users, or those who don’t like to read manuals, may have a bit of a challenge with it initially. But, as with most things, the more you use it, the more comfortable you become using it. I really like the interface on my Windows Phone 7. It, though, has a touch screen which is quite fine for use with this new interface. My challenge at the moment is to get comfortable using a mouse and keyboard with it.

More later, as I have to get some real work done now for a client!


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